Welcome to the New York State Elementary Classroom Teachers Association website!

The establishment of the New York State Elementary Classroom Teachers Association (NYSECTA) was officially effective as of January 1, 2013. NYSECTA is a statewide, professional service association. We will provide numerous benefits and professional development opportunities for elementary classroom teachers, college and university professors who train our future classroom teachers and the future professional themselves.

Although, there are a number of avenues for teachers to obtain professional development, we believe a professional association offers much more than professional development. We provide the opportunity, for deeply committed elementary classroom teachers, college and university professors and future professional to be contributing members of a professional family.

We offer:

  • A professional association that belongs to its members;
  • Peer-to-peer sharing of best practice, research, innovative programs and problem solving;
  • Leadership opportunities;
  • Recognition for excellence in teaching & leadership;
  • Quality professional development that becomes a part of a teacher's portfolio;
  • Active involvement in NYSECTA which provides credit towards a teacher's APPR;
  • Resources for teachers who need 175 hours of professional development every five years to maintain their teaching certifications; and
  • The opportunity to give back to their profession.

Membership service organizations like NYSECTA require a strong member foundation. To help us build that foundation, we hope you will join us on this important journey. We are offering two types of professional enrollments. First, an Elementary School Building Enrollment which means, for an annual payment, all of the classroom teachers in a elementary building will be individually enrolled. Second, is an annual enrollment paid for by individual teachers, college/university professors and undergraduate and graduate students.


Be a part of something that matters ~ Join now and help us build NYSECTA!

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